Book editors

There are many different editorial roles at ISCI Publishing. Many professional editors work on our books in-house (such as on the Nature titles), and we also work with many Editors-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members, Section Editors and Handling Editors based at academic institutions. This guide is intended for those external editors.

External Editors

Our external editors play a key part in helping us to advance discovery, from working with us to build a network of authors and peer reviewers, to helping authors improve their papers, advocating for our journals, and sometimes dealing with legal or research integrity issues.

Ultimately they help safeguard the scientific accuracy of the published record and ensure that our authors’ work commands the highest level of trust. We value the hard work and dedication our expert editors put into this important and rewarding role, and we are committed to working together and providing as much support and guidance as we can.

Professional Editors

ISCI advances discovery by publishing robust and insightful research, supporting the development of new areas of knowledge, making ideas and information accessible around the world, and leading the way on open access.

Key to this is our ability to provide the best possible service to the whole research community.

  • Helping authors to share their discoveries
  • Enabling researchers to find, access and understand the work of others
  • Supporting librarians and institutions with innovations in technology and data
  • Providing quality publishing support to societies
  • Taking the lead on key issues that matter to funders and policy makers

Develop Knowledge

We help researchers uncover new ideas and findings and apply them in their thinking and collaborations to drive new discoveries.

Qualify and Enhance

We make sure all research we publish is significant, robust and stands up to objective scrutiny.

Produce and Distribute

We ensure the necessary rights and permissions are in place, that the research is presented in the best way, using the most suitable formats and newest technologies, and that it reaches all relevant audiences.

Share and Amplify

We make sure our articles, books, databases and solutions can be discovered, accessed, understood, used, re-used and shared, to act as a springboard for new discoveries.