Overview of the book publishing process

The book publishing process of ISCI includes the following steps: 1 Online form submission; 2 contract agreement; 3 Manuscript delivery; 4 Book production; 5 Publication.

1.Online form submission

Author fill online form by accessing the following link:
Publish Your Book

Next, a detailed proposal and project plan will be prepared by your Acquisitions Editor sent back to the author.

2.Contract agreement

Once the proposal has been approved, a contract is prepared to confirm our publishing partnership. This contract will include key details agreed with your Acquisitions Editor, including a due date for the table of contents and other delivery milestones, the final delivery date for your manuscript, your rate of payment or royalty for the project, and any specifications you need to consider as you prepare the work, such as a target page or word count. Then, the contract for will be signed by author and countersigned by ISCI.

3.Manuscript delivery

Delivery can be in batches or as a complete manuscript, as agreed with your Acquisitions Editor. Upon receipt, the Acquisitions Editor will verify that your submission is complete and in line with the specifications discussed at project approval and throughout the development of the project.

4.Book production

Once your material reaches our Production team, a Production Manager will be assigned to guide you through the transformation of your manuscript material into a finished book. Although the Production Manager is responsible for all stages of production, your Acquisitions Editor will remain involved and in contact alongside your Production Manager.

The Production Manager will coordinate copyediting of your material, typesetting of the text and figures into a page layout, proofreading of the typeset pages, indexing of the content and manufacturing of the finished book. He or she is responsible for creating, communicating and monitoring the production schedule for your book and ensuring quality and accuracy in the finished product.

You will be asked to check proofs to confirm that the material has been presented as you intended, answer any queries from the copy editor and identify any errors that may have been introduced during typesetting. We aim to make only minor changes at proof stage, and most authors will only see one round of proofs.


The stages above culminate in the publication of your work – usually in print and electronic form – across our worldwide network of information providers and resellers. On publication, any complimentary copies detailed in your contract will be delivered to you.