Submission Checklist

Title page Title (and subtitle) final
Authors All author names included

e-mail address of corresponding author included

Front matter Dedication




Table of contents (required)

List of contributors

List of abbreviations

Table of contents List all parts, chapters, and back matter material (e.g., an index) in the final sequence

Headings correspond to those in the text

Book structure All chapters numbered sequentially throughout the book
Abstract Included for each chapter
Text Heading levels and special text elements consistently styled

No heading levels skipped

References Reference list included at the end of each chapter

Citations in text agree with reference list

Reference list style according to ISCI’s guidelines

Figures All figures mentioned in text enclosed, complete, and as separate files

Consecutively numbered within chapter

Consecutively cited in text

Figure captions included at the end of the text file

Tables Prepared with the table function

Consecutively numbered within chapter

Consecutively cited in text

Electronic manuscript File folder/zip archive labeled with book title and author name

Graphics saved as separate files in tif, eps, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx format

PDF file with all fonts embedded

permissions Obtained for all material from other works