Break the Cocoon


Author: Keping Chen

College of Biological Science of Jiangsu University, China.


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Silkworms were first domesticated in China and have benefited humans for a long time. Little “Tian Chong” has left memories and reveries over thousands of years to Chinese people. A string of tiny silver silk has erected a bridge between Chinese and western cultures. The “Silk Road” that has survived for thousands of years has brought about rapid development of Chinese and Western civilizations. Nowadays, the banner of the “Belt and Road Initiative” flutters high on the earth, marking the aspiration of Chinese people for friendship, peace, and development. To this end, the author has compiled this science work Break the Cocoon with literature and history data and illustrations, and strived to prevail Chinese culture, popularize science knowledge, and promote the development of sericulture.

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Book Title:   Break the Cocoon
Copyright:   2019
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