Ceramic Motorized Spindle


Authors: WU Yuhou, LI Songhua

Shenyang Jianzhu University, China.

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This book analyzes in depth the research on the technology of NC machine tool spindle and the technology of machining engineering ceramics. Then, this book clarifies the main problems and the direction for the design and manufacture of NC machine tool spindle unit. The significance of further research aimed at solving these problems is stressed. According to above-mentioned goals and problems, this book mainly concerns the following research aspects.

(1) Considering the material properties of ceramics, this book explores the design of ceramic motorized spindle system and investigates the lubrication technology, cooling technology, tool interface technology, high-speed dynamic balance, precision assembly, etc.

(2) In order to ensure the stability of the high-speed rotation of ceramic spindle system, this book analyzes the damage mechanism, kinematics and dynamic performance of ceramic ball bearings, and optimizes the internal structural parameters of them. Further, we study the assembly of full ceramic ball bearing without inner ring and the problem of preload optimization.

(3) In order to improve the drive control performance of ceramic motorized spindle, this book optimizes the main design parameters of motor stator and rotor. In addition, relying on direct torque control theory, we design a direct torque control system based on PMAC for ceramic motorized spindle and perform simulation analysis.

(4) This book investigates the manufacturing processes of various spindle parts according to the requirements of these parts for the performance of ceramic materials. The aim is to obtain high-strength, high-toughness and high-density semifinished ZrO2 ceramic spindle parts as well as semifinished ZrO2 and Si3N4 ceramic bearing rings.

(5) In order to obtain high-accuracy spindle parts, this book studies the machining mechanism of ceramic materials, quality control of machining surface and optimization of processing parameters. By analysis and experiments on the precision machining of ceramic balls, ceramic bearing rings and ceramic spindle, we achieve the high-efficiency, high-precision machining of ceramic spindle parts.

(6) This book tests and evaluates the comprehensive performance of ceramic motorized spindle without inner ring. The experiments include load characteristics testing, temperature rise testing, vibration testing, noise testing, precision and stiffness testing, etc. This ceramic motorized spindle is also applied in NC machine tool.

(7) In order to make the NC machine tool motorized spindle intelligent, this book explores in depth the intelligent prediction of temperature rise, intelligent fault diagnosis, intelligent dynamic balance, intelligent adjustment of bearing preload and other intelligent technologies.

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