12th Future Technology Conference


21-24 August 2018



Millennium Mayfair Hotel

44 Grosvenor Square Mayfair

London W1K 2HP

United Kingdom


We are delighted to announce that Michael Palin will give a talk at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel, 21 August 2018.

The 12th Future Technology Conference (FTC), under the theme ‘Challenge and Change’, is to be held at Millennium Mayfair Hotel. FTC has a reputation as one of the leading international scientific conferences in the field of Science and Technology. The conference brings together researchers and clinicians, providing a showcase and forum for discussion and collegial debate about the most current and innovative research and clinical practices. Throughout the history of FTC, the primary aim has been to bridge the gap between research and clinical practice.The conference seeks to promote research that informs management, with interventions that are supported by sound theory and which inform future research. In 2018, the goal is to encourage discussion and debate that will challenge and enhance our perspectives and understanding of research; the nature of stuttering and / or cluttering; and management across the ages.


  1. New perspectives on UK Science and Technology development
  2. New perspectives on the management of innvonation
  3. New perspectives on the funding of innvonation
  4. Issues, variables, and controversies in assessment and outcome
  5. Supporting the next generation of clinicians and researchers
  6. Evidence in practice
  7. Neurological foundations

The conference will enable delegates to:

  • Present and learn from the latest research developments and findings
  • Explore issues relating to the nature of stuttering and / or cluttering and its treatment
  • Develop knowledge and clinical skills for working with children and adults who stutter and / or clutter
  • Advance research in the field of Science and Technology
  • Consider ways to integrate research into clinical practice
  • Support and encourage new researchers in the field
  • Develop collaborations with researchers working in new idea
  • Provide informal opportunities to meet and discuss ideas with leading experts in the field in a friendly environment




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Aims and scope

Innovation and Future Technology accepts scientifically rigorous research, regardless of novelty. Innovation and Future Technology’s broad scope provides a platform to publish primary research, including interdisciplinary and replication studies as well as negative results. This publication criteria are based on high ethical standards and the rigor of the methodology and conclusions reported.

Innovation and Future Technology features reports of original research from all disciplines. By not excluding research on the basis of subject area, Innovation and Future Technology facilitates the discovery of connections between research whether within or between disciplines.

We will also consider the following article types:

  • Systematic reviews. We consider publishing systematic reviews only if the methods ensure the comprehensive and unbiased sampling of existing literature.
  • Submissions describing methods, software, databases, or other tools. We consider submissions describing methods, software, databases, or other tools if they follow the appropriate reporting guidelines.
  • Qualitative research. We consider publishing qualitative research only if it adheres to appropriate study design and reporting guidelines.
  • Studies reporting negative results.

Innovation and Future Technology provides an advanced forum for scientific studies. It publishes research papers, reviews and communications. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Electronic files and software regarding the full details of calculations or experimental procedures, if unable to be published in a normal way, can be deposited as supplementary electronic material.


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