Corrections and retractions

Rarely, it may be necessary for ISCI to publish [corrections] to, or [retractions] of, publications, so as to maintain the integrity of the academic record.

In line with ISCI’s [Permanency] policy, [corrections] to, or [retractions] of, publications will be made by publishing an Erratum or a Retraction, without altering the original one in any way other than to add a prominent link to the Erratum/Retraction. The original publication remains in the public domain and the subsequent Erratum or Retraction will be widely indexed. In the exceptional event that material is considered to infringe certain rights or is defamatory, we may have to remove that material from our site and archive sites.

It may be possible for minor corrections to publications to be made by the original author(s) posting a comment on the publication. This would only be appropriate where the changes do not affect the results or conclusions of the article. See our [Comments] policy for further information on posting comments.


Changes to publication that affect the interpretation and conclusion of the publication, but do not fully invalidate the publication, will, at the Editor(s)’ discretion, be corrected via publication of an Erratum that is indexed and linked to the original one. Changes in authorship of publications are corrected via an Erratum. See [Changes in authorship] for further information.


On rare occasions, when the scientific information in an publication is substantially undermined, it may be necessary for pubication to be retracted. ISCI will follow the COPE guidelines in such cases. Retraction publication are indexed and linked to the original one.