Contract signing

Once a decision is made to publish, the Commissioning Editor will offer a contract. The contract will define the publication, how and when it will be delivered, and outlines yours and the publisher’s rights and responsibilities, as well as confirming your remuneration.

Before you sign the contract: key things to consider

Reproducing copyrighted material?

Unless your contract says otherwise, as the author, you are responsible for obtaining permission and paying any fees to use any third-party copyright material that your book and supporting website resources contain. So, it’s worth getting a sense now of any third-party copyright material that you’re likely to need.

If you are an editor, you will need to ensure that your contributors understand the requirements in these guidelines and provide proof of permission obtained at the same time they send you their contribution.

ISCI’s Commissioning Editors decide what we publish. They travel internationally to meet current and prospective authors and editors to discuss new publications or business projects. And they help authors turn great ideas into great books.

Once you’ve signed the contract, it’s time to get to work on your manuscript.