Modeling the Health Delivery System and Policy Intervention Experiments


Editors in Chief Lulu Zhang, Wenya Yu

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Lulu Zhang (Professor, Second Military Medical University)

Prof. Zhang is a distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars, a leading talent in military science and technology, and a candidate for the National Hundred-Million Talents Project. Prof. Zhang serves as the director of the teaching & research office of health service of the Second Military Medical University and the director of the Military Health Service Management Research Institute. Prof. Zhang served as the chairman of ICMM International Medical Service Scientific Committee for eight years (2009-2017) and won the Lifetime Achievement Award in November 2017.

Prof. Zhang has been engaged in hospital management teaching and research for 30 years, with the research direction of “evidence-based decision-making in health services”. Prof. Zhang developed the laboratory research idea of “Research-Database-Modeling and Intervention Experiment-System and Theoretical Innovation”, established the medical resource allocation database, and the theory of “two phases-three phases” of emergency medical rescue, which were widely recognized by international experts.

Prof. Zhang has presided over 30 national scientific research projects; won the second prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, the National Teaching Achievement Award, and the first and second prizes of the military or provincial science and technology progress/teaching achievement awards. Prof. Zhang has published more than 200 research articles, including 2 publications in The Lancet. Prof. Zhang has published more than 30 monographs as the chief editor and applied 45 patents.

 Wenya Yu (Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine)

Dr. Yu is a Pujiang Scholar of Shanghai, and serves as a member of the youth editorial board of the Chinese General Practice. Dr. Yu serves as a reviewer of several international journals (e.g., Frontiers in Public Health; Frontiers in Medicine; Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health; BMC Health Services Research).

Dr. Yu has been engaged in hospital management and early child development for nearly 10 years, with the research direction of modeling, health policy, and health economics. Dr. Yu has presided over 10 scientific research projects in recent five years, and published more than 60 research articles. Dr. Yu has published eight monographs and applied six patents.

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The aim of this study is to model the health service system and policy intervention experiment. The system dynamics, agent-based, and discrete-event models are used to construct 14 models (controlling medical expense increases, multi-site practice, medical evacuation for earthquake casualties, public welfare in public hospitals, emergency system in public hospitals, community first-aid for casualties, hospital emergency treatment, hospital outpatient procedure, complex causes of trauma, medical evacuation, stress analysis, medical service force selection and deployment, tornado casualties, and blast injury) from the two perspectives of health service system policy and the health service system. These 14 models are modeled, and policy intervention experiments are performed to deconstruct the model construction methods and techniques. This provides modeling ideas, methodology, and examples for studies on the health service systems and policy proposals, and short and long-term policy recommendations for improving the capabilities and efficiency of routine medical and health service systems.

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